Content Marketing.

It's the fastest growing type of marketing in the corporate world right now.

Every year, companies are doubling their content and video marketing budgets in order to keep up with demand. Everybody "knows" it's important, but not everybody knows how to do it well...or even what it is.

Hmm...sounds expensive.

Too many companies shy away from diving into this exponentially growing content strategy because they're worried about the cost, but then spend all their time and money building out other campaigns that won't perform nearly as well.

The Grow Code helps musicians and artists develop content marketing strategies that create consistent growth.


Hello there! My name is Audrey Lecker.

I'm an MBAmarketer, and subject matter expert in video and content, with 13 years of video production experience under my belt. 3 years of those years were spent working with A-list artists at Columbia Records.

I use my expertise to help musicians and bands develop content marketing strategies that work.

Video is here to stay. If you don't figure out how to use it, your competitors will.

So if you want to...

  • Make money from your music,
  • increase your brand's value,
  • and Expand your customer base but also grow a community of True Fans,

...then you've come to the right place.

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