3 Things To Do BEFORE You Build a Band Website

Everybody's all up in a tizzy about building a website for their band when they've literally just started practicing, but do you even need one?

I have totally made this mistake before: you freak out about where to host a site, what to put on it, and the music isn't even out yet. All that stress for something probably no one is going to visit, at least not yet.

So do you even need a website?

....eh, not really.

Or at least, not in the way you think. 

I may get some backlash for this because "THIS IS THE WAY WE'VE ALWAYS DONE THINGS", but you really don't need a website--especially if you're not a huge act.

Even a huge band like Foster The People barely has a website. They literally only have tour dates, their latest video, and links to stream their music. And really....isn't that all you need? What more could you possibly want that's not covered by something like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram?

A website is helpful as a repository for all of your "stuff": tour dates, videos, photos, and merch. Plus links to all your social sites. But you really don't need it to start out. Nobody's going to be banging down your door for your band website.

Instead, put your efforts into the following three places FIRST:

A place to put your contact and bio info.

This could literally just be your Instagram bio with an email address. Done. If you're wondering what to put in your bio, don't stress too much about it.

For now, just include the following:

  • your location
  • your music genre
  • a link to whatever you want to promote (new song, album, show, etc.)

A place to sell and distribute your music.

This could be Bandcamp, Tunecore, Soundcloud, Spotify, CDBaby, wherever. Pick a spot you're going to sell and host your music, and stick to it.

In the next video I'll provide an overview to the best platforms to use, because there are so many out there it's overwhelming.

A place to connect with your community.

And by this I mean your social media platform. Just pick one and get really good at it.

I've been asked multiple times which platform is the best to use for musicians, and while I have my personal opinion (Insta) but honestly it doesn't matter all that much. The best platform is the one you actually use.  As long as you're posting consistently and actually engaging with your audience, you're good. 

There are two super simple ways to select a platform:

  1. Go where the audience is
  2. Go with the one you like

If all of your audience is on Facebook, use Facebook. If you have no audience and you're good at Twitter, do the Twitter.

If you're terrible at it and don't "get it", why would you keep pushing it? Did some music journalist tell you that you're nothing unless you're on Twitter? Screw them.

Don't keep working away at a platform you hate spending time on:

The whole point of being on a social platform is being active on a social platform.

There's no point in setting up a Twitter if you never log in!

Bonus: LinkTree

Some social platforms only allow you one link at a time (looking at you, Instagram), or you have limited space (like in Twitter) for your bio. One way to get around this is through something like LinkTree. It's been widely used by bloggers, and there's a free version.

It's just a simple site you sign up for (alliteration) that provides you one page where you can post links. You have one main link (mine is Linktre.ee/audreylecker) to this page, and you put that one on all your bios.

In the video above you can see what it looks like in the dashboard and on your bio.

So this is why you don't technically need a website yet.

You can put all your important links into something like Linktr.ee, and then when you have more content or more information you need to get out there, THEN go build your website.

Comment below and tell me the ONE thing that frustrates you most about building a website.

Do you want to post awesome content on your social media but don't know what awesome content is? I've created a list of content ideas SPECIFICALLY for musicians and bands to help get you started brainstorming and planning out what to post. You can download it here: