social media marketing for musicians audrey lecker

You’re a musician.

You should be making music, not worrying over how to “do” social media.

Are you ready to…

Grow an audience that craves your unique sound?

Plan social media posts but still have time to make music?

Plan a distribution strategy that’s easy for you to handle on top of gigs, shows, and recording your new album?

If you’re a business-minded musician ready to hustle and build a fanbase that pays, you’ve come to the right place.

marketing for musicians audrey lecker

Hey, I’m Audrey.

I’m obsessed with Sci-FI, the internet, and my dog…though maybe not in that order.

I used to work for Columbia Records, and now I’m an MBA who helps hard-working and business-minded musicians grow audiences online through social media marketing.

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Instagram Hashtags for Musicians

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Social Media for Musicians and Artists

the world is changing

Musicians, artists, and creatives no longer have to rely on major labels or galleries to get their work out into the world. Social Media is a tool that literally everybody and their grandmother can use to connect with people--and potential customers.

Content Marketing for Musicians

Grow your own audience

The Grow Code teaches musicians and creatives how to market themselves online, build an audience, and set up tools and processes that will enable them to make money. All that--without having to find a manager or get signed.