How to use Hashtags on Instagram in 2018

We all know we're supposed to be hashtagging on IG, but how do you hashtag the right way?

Surprisingly, just hashtagging every IG post with #music and #guitar isn't actually going to do much for you. You can't just go on there and hashtag every noun you see in your picture or video-- you need to get a little more strategic about it. I'll show you how, and stick through to the end because I have a tool just for you that helps you ocmpletely skip over this entire process.

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Should you sign with a record label?

Is a record deal the best thing you can do for your music? And what do you do once you've gained an audience?

This is such a good problem to have: Jesus already has a consistent number of people listening to his stuff on SoundCloud. That means he's got a growing fanbase, they're already loving his content.  The next step is to get them to commit to you.

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Selling Your Music Online: How to pick a music distribution platform

Last week I talked about how there are 3 things you need BEFORE you get a website (check it out now). I promised I'd cover the 2nd one more in depth today: a place to sell and distribute your music.

There are tons of different platforms out there to sell and distribute your music, and they range in price and offerings. So how do you know which one to pick? 

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