Personalized Music Branding

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What is it?

Branding is more than just a color scheme. It’s the “vibe” of your music, the way you talk about it to people, the feeling that people get when they listen to you—and when they see your posts online.


Your personalized music branding serves as a template for what kind of content to post, what style it should be in, and how to talk to your audience so that they know exactly what they’re getting when they click Play. It positions you to attract the right kind of people, the ones who are most likely to become true fans.


  1. You send me:

    • a link to a single or album that best encompasses your style (album is better)

    • your website or social media platform

    • a list of 3-6 artists that are either in the same music genre, have a similar visual style, or overlapping audiences

      • these artists need to have a Facebook page

      • this should be a mix of bigger artists and more medium. don’t go for tiny local acts unless you really think their brand is strong

      • if you don’t have any artists that are the same genre, pick ones that are outside of the genre but give you the “vibe” you’re looking for— for example, maybe you’re a Christian artist but the “vibe” you want is Maroon 5, then send me Maroon 5.

  2. Over the next 14 days I will conduct competitive analysis with the information you’ve sent me, analyze your audience, and develop a brand and messaging strategy.

  3. You get an easy to understand brand guidelines, which include:

    • a “persona” of your ideal audience:

      • this includes a breakdown of age, gender, and interests but goes further by personifying all of this into one "character” or “persona”.

      • by visualizing your audience as a single person who has been created based on your ideal demographics, it’s super easy for you to imagine them when you create content or ads or even your next album cover.

    • a visual mind-map or Pinterest board that serves as a guide for what your content should look like

    • guidelines that include:

      • what kind of content to share that will most resonate with your unique audience (behind the scenes? stories? interviews?)

      • the tone you should write your social posts in to build the best rapport with your fanbase

      • which platforms your ideal fans are most active on

      • which publications or websites you should target for PR

    • Bonus: if you’ve provided a full album, I will recommend which single/track is your most marketable

This package is for you if…

  • You aren’t sure who your ideal audience is or how to describe your music

  • You have a full album already out or about to be out and you need guidance on finding the right people who would love to hear it

  • You feel like your social media posts are all over the place and want to clean it up and make everything feel like one cohesive story or style

  • You’re ready to invest time and effort into reaching the right fans with the right content, content that will most resonate with them


Apply to get your music branding profile:

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