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You’re tired of throwing random stuff up onto the internet and hoping it will get people to buy your music. You’re overwhelmed with posting to too many social media accounts, not knowing whether it’s actually doing anything. You’ve spent money on a digital distribution platform, but don’t know what to do next.

Sound familiar?

social media for musicians social media planner for musicians

social media audit

You’re tired of posting stuff to social media without knowing whether it’s doing anything for your music. You might be asking yourself “am I growing an audience or simply throwing Instagram pictures into a void?”

If this sounds familiar, you could use a social media audit.

music branding musician branding brand my music

personalized music branding

Your music doesn’t easily “fit in” to a specific genre. You have a unique sound, which makes it a challenge to explain it to people or even to find the kind of folks who’d be into it.

You could do with some personalized music branding.

music marketing consultant digital marketing consulting

1:1 consulting

You’re not the new kid on the block just getting started. You’ve been doing the work, playing the shows, selling the merch, and feel like you’ve hit a wall. Where do you go from here? What are you supposed to be doing? Where is your effort best spent?

You’re ready for 1:1 music marketing consulting.